Put down the cell phone, turn off the television, get your hair wet and some sand between your toes? Imagine walking the beach or a beautiful park trail; being outdoors with the sun, trade-wind breeze, maybe a warm rain sprinkle with rainbows and waterfalls. Having concerns, problems, perfection; take a break and be kind to you!

The tide comes in and out, the ocean is constantly in motion, the earth spins around the sun, is it time for you to enjoy the show?

Relax on Kauai! 

We will take care of you at our family hotel. 

Clean, Comfortable, Convenient 

Five star reviews

Recent 5-star TripAdvisor Review

One of a kind - True Local Hawaiian Gem!

Had I known about this place and it's epic location earlier, I would have portioned out part of my trip in this area of the island and stayed longer at the Garden Island Inn. The reason I was smitten was because of it's true local classic family Hawaiian feel. It's like none other. I am a huge fan of non corporate small business, which brings a unique and authentic aspect to everything. The hotel is covered in bright and inviting art work covered on surf boards, murals on the walls, and art canvases placed in the room and on the grounds. The receptionist is the kindest ever. They are extremely generous offering all the beach gear and movies and popcorn and snacks and breakfast all complimentary. The garden area is lush and well taken care of, a great place to hang out. The location itself is a winner, just a very quick walk away to an incredible beach and fabulous restaurants, such as Duke's. We had so much fun with the little time we had at this gem, and we made the best of every last moment. What a treasure, we hope to be back!




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